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A Brief Clan History

Bizarro: Established June 16th, 2003

Though many clans come and go, and many of their clanmembers find their ways to new clans and new games, Bizarro's core members have been playing together since 1998. Although the Bizarro clan is relatively new, you could say that it has been around for a much longer time under a different name, Quake WarLords. QWL started it all on MPlayer in 1998, and has been living on ever since, under various aliases. You might say to yourself, "damn, that's a really stupid name." Well, we somewhat agree with you there. It is stupid, but for a reason: Idget came up with it, or so we think (look up Idget in the QWL roster, and find a few of his demos in the Misc. Quake section when we get around to putting them there).

Even though our name screams newbie, QWLers are obviously not (big) newbies. Our members have blessed such clans as CVJ, S2, and DY. Of course, most of the ownage LPB's on the list were ringers for us during MHL and MXL tournaments, but you can just forget you heard that (actually, ringers are noted on the roster). If you want to see some funny shit, check out the MXL message boards we have archived on this site, they pretty much tell the story.




Bizarro Roster

Phantoman (Inactive, Not from QWL)

Shortlink (No longer with us, not from QWL)

Sureshot (Never really was with us, not from QWL)

Whitlock (No longer with us, not from QWL)

Rook (Quasi-inactive, Not from QWL)

Dingle (Inactive, Not from QWL)

Zender(guns17) (no longer with us, not from QWL)

Oifer (Inactive, Not from QWL)

Riptor (Inactive, Not from QWL)

Plested (Seasonally Active, Not from QWL)

Diurn (Inactive, Not from QWL)

Para (Inactive, Not from QWL)

Salt3d (Active, Not from QWL)

Drama (Not from QWL)

GodShot (Not from QWL)

Eieio (Not from QWL)




Name: Ashuram (Assram!)
All Known Clans: QWL (gone) QMS?
Description: He was in for a brief period towards the middle end of the main QWL stretch. Although he never came forward and said it, I believe he is also QMS>Ashram, mainly because his nickname on ICQ changed from ashuram to ashram. Not much else is known about him.
Our Award: #2 Homo (ram my ass!)

Name: Asianman (Sphere)
All Known Clans: QWL (gone)
Description: Asianman enjoyed a rather brief stay in QWL. He now spends his time in chat rooms cheating on trivia games and denying it :o).
Our Award: World's Biggest Liar

Name: Blaze
All Known Clans: QWL (gone)
Description: Nobody even knows where this guy came from, or why he was in the clan. He probably came on once or twice using this name and we don't know who he really is. Tell us if you know.
Our Award: Most Likely Never To Be Heard From Again

Name: Chino (Soju?)
All Known Clans: QWL (gone)
Description: Chino was with us for quite a while and we have nothing but good things to say about him. Unfortuately there is only one thing to say: he's cool. Beyond that nobody really remembers :(.
Our Award: Most Average

Name: DM-r (Xcopy)
All Known Clans: AoA, QWL (gone), TTC (presumed active)
Description: DM-r was about 40 when he joined QWL. He felt like he couldn't hack it, so he quit. Boo hoo. While he was often pissed off at something, DM-r was a supercool guy. We have no idea where he is today, though.
UPDATE: We heard from dm-r recently (kind of). We received one message from him and nothing else. He is presumed active as he is still on the TTC website.
Our Award: Lowest Ping

Name: Dry Ice (Mr. Green, Homosex Master)
All Known Clans: AoA, QWL (active), CVJ, BKz, Bizarro (active)
Description: Dry Ice has always been the target of scrutinizing richboy and homo jokes. This is because he is a rich mother fucker, and he is an admitted homosexual. On a lighter, less truthful note, Dry Ice has been with us since the beginning, and is still with us today. Thanks for sticking with us, dude :*}
Our Award: Most Eligible Faggot (Now Reasons why Dry Ice is gay #38 is justified)

Name: Evade (Pop5, Darth Evader, Bob Barker, Err, Long>Wong)
All Known Clans: BSQD, QWL (active), S2, Bizarro (active)
Description: Evade was one of the founders of QWL, and of Bizarro. He also created most of our fabulous Intro. Evade spends his days reminiscing of past Quake experiences, and enjoys long walks on the beach.
Our Award: Best Rocketplay

Name: Falcon (*Ringer*)
All Known Clans: QWL (gone)
Description: Falcon was a ringer for us during the MXL. He was undoubtedly a large factor in our success during the MXL season. We forgot what name he used... in fact he may have used more than one.
Our Award: Biggest Mouth

Name: Fanman (Skywalker, Fanman 47)
All Known Clans: BSQD, QWL (active), Bizarro (inactive)
Description: Fanman is one of our best friends ever! And he's good at Quake too. Even after being away for 2 years, he still kicks our asses every time. Look forward to seeing him play DM in the near future (we hope).
Our Award: Bearer Of The World's Most Annoying Sister

Name: Haze
All Known Clans: QWL (active), Bizarro (active)
Description: Haze insists he was in QWL but we don't remember, so we are going to leave this open-ended. Though he has always been our good buddy, we can't be sure if he was really with us, since there were so many coming and going throughout QWL's early days.
Our Award: Most Argumentative

Name: Idget (Idget5, Senior Bob)
All Known Clans: BSQD, QWL (quasi-active), Bizarro (quasi-active)
Description: "My floppy dicks come out warm" is only one out of a million funny things Idget has done or said. He is also credited with creating the Cocksucking Quakeguy found in our intro. Some would say he left his legacy with that one. Though we don't expect him to return, we hope he does.
Idget returned on 12/21/03 from 6 months of active duty in the navy! He spent time on the Iraqi coastline during the war. We're glad you didn't die, Idget! Welcome back!
Our Award: BY FAR most hilarious!!

Name: Lefty (Leftside, Tool)
All Known Clans: QWL (active), CVJ, IOV, In10sity, DOOM, Bizarro (active)
Description: Lefty illuded us for a long time, being added to this roster history almost a year after its inception. We almost forgot he was in QWL, yet he was right under our noses on a different name. After CQL6 finished, he requested a return into the QWL/Bizarro legacy, like woah dude.
Our Award: #1 stoner

Name: Medic (*Quasi-Ringer*)
All Known Clans: QWL (gone), XP (current clan, not Q1)
Description: Medic came out of nowhere to support us till the end. Check out his kind words on the MXL message board archives on this site.
Our Award: Defender Of The Axe

Name: Monkey (Blitzkrieg, Alex Trebek, Ignignokt, Long>Fong)
All Known Clans: CP, DoD, L7, QWL (active), S2 (brief), Intensity (brief), OP8 (brief), Bizarro (active)
Description: Monkey was one of QWL's first members, and one of the founders of Bizarro. Monkey started in QWL as Blitzkrieg, but soon changed back to Monkey. Monkey currently lives in a small cage in Africa, living under constant fear of ebola. If Monkey gets mad at you in a game, first remember this terrible threat he is undertaking every second of every day.
Our Award: #1 banana-eater

Name: Ooklah (SmileNWave)
All Known Clans: QWL (gone)
Description: Ooklah's favorite things to say were "up the poopy" and "down the poop chute." Beyond that, we really don't remember anything about him.
Our Award: Poopiest Dumbass

Name: PreFoun (Hack-r)
All Known Clans: AoA???, QWL (gone)
Description: We really don't know anything about this guy, other than he was in the clan for a very short time, and was a friend of DM-r's. He also made the program Iptest.exe for mplayer which would simply give the ip address for the mplayer quake server that you were about to connect to.
Our Award: Least Known

Name: Quaker
All Known Clans: QWL (gone?)
Description: He was a true Quaker and a very good HPB, but alas, he disappeared when MPlayer did. A good friend to us all, we hope he returns soon.
Our Award: True Quaker

Name: Safire (Sochot)
All Known Clans: QWL (gone)
Description: Kind of an asshole if I remember right. His brother was an LOA (much worse than "your father smelt of elderberries"). However, he did help us in a few games.
Our Award: Most Floccinaucinihilipilificated

Name: Skuhravy (Dooley, *Quasi-Ringer*)
All Known Clans: QWL (gone)
Description: Though accused by many of cheating, we still have faith in him. He left the Quake scene sometime around the year 2000 to pursue other games. Rumor has it, he plays Quake 3 as "ActionNewbs" or something of the sort. He was one of our most valueable assets during the MXL and for a time, was a good friend. We hope he returns some day to say hello and play some Quake.
Our Award: Best Quad Whore EVER

Name: Slash (Wotay, *Ringer*)
All Known Clans: QWL (gone)
Description: We have no idea of his whereabouts, and personally I don't remember much if anything about him. Sorry.
Our Award: Most Elusive Ringer

Name: Snipe-r
All Known Clans: G2X?, QWL (gone)
Description: Sniper was around during the earliest days, and quit probably 6 months after QWL started up. From what we can remember, he was superman.
Our Award: Superman Sucks Balls Award

Name: Souless (Resin, Iverson)
All Known Clans: LiL, QWL (quasi-active), Intensity, Bogo, Bizarro (quasi-active)
Description: Souless is a mormon.
Our Award: #1 Mormon

Name: Tru (Southy)
All Known Clans: HX?, QWL (gone)
Description: Tru was one of the best HPB's I've ever played with. He still impresses me when I watch his demos. He has a very distinct and elegant playstyle. When the demo section comes up, check him out.
Our Award: Hoochie-Mama Of Quake












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