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Here are some actual humorous comments we have compiled over the last year or so. You can expect it to grow as new things come to us! (Feel free to submit stuff.)

Amazon recommends Creed over Pearl Jam, and some other stuff
[23:06] <Evade> ROFL
[23:06] <Evade> 1 person recommended Human Clay instead of Ten
[23:06] <Monkey7> AHAHHAAH
[23:06] <Monkey7> out of how many
[23:06] <Monkey7> whered that statistic come from?
[23:07] <Evade> its just some thing on the amazon website
[23:07] <Monkey7> thats hilarious
[23:08] <Evade> ROFL
[23:08] <Evade> Customers who wear clothes also shop for:
[23:08] <Evade> Clean Underwear from Amazon's Target Store
[23:08] <Monkey7> i think
[23:08] <Evade> lol
[23:08] <Monkey7> lol
[23:08] <Evade> that statement is so flawed
[23:08] <Monkey7> hahahaha
[23:08] <Evade> customers who wear clothes
[23:08] <Monkey7> hahahaha
[23:08] <Evade> ok who doesnt wear clothes
[23:08] <Monkey7> thats hilarious
[23:08] <Monkey7> hahahaa
[23:08] <Evade> then who shops for non clean underwear
[23:15] <Monkey7> lol

Monkey disses Michael Jackson
[00:50] <Evade> im glad im white
[00:50] <Monkey7> i am too
[00:50] <Monkey7> in a way
[00:50] <Monkey7> but in another way i'm not
[00:50] <Monkey7> cuz i think i'd get more chicks if i was black
[00:50] <Monkey7> they seem to be into black guys
[00:51] <Monkey7> probably the dick size average
[00:51] <Monkey7> all i know is if i was black i'd probably have a bigger dick
[00:51] <Monkey7> i bet michael jackson was trying to become white so that his penis would shrink so it could more easily fit into little boys' asses

Iraq gets owned by Dry Ice
[00:35] *** Monkey changes topic to '|| || WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Several large brown things dropped from the sky in Iraq as the US air force unveiled their newest weapon of mass destruction: the Dry Ice Bomb.'

Yukon smack-down
[23:02] <drama> i love waking up to a bitch jacking me off tho
[23:02] <drama> now thats nice
[23:02] <drama> you wake up like "WTF"
[23:03] <yukon> that's never happened to me
[23:04] <Monkey> thats cuz generally you dont fall asleep after committing rape

A dick, a dyke, and a van
[00:22] <Monkey> eat a dick van dyke dickman
[00:22] <Monkey> god
[00:23] <Monkey> thats weird
[00:23] <Monkey> the name dick van dyke
[00:23] <Monkey> has 2 types of genitals in it
[00:23] <Monkey> and a van
[00:23] <Monkey> i wonder what they are suggesting there

Monkey makes fun of DY-TrivBot
[13:50] <Monkey> the letter _ is a greek letter not found in the ascii character set.
[13:50] <drama`> Monkey.
[13:51] <drama`> i
[13:51] <drama`> y
[13:51] <Monkey> hint: it's not in the extended ascii character set either.
[13:51] <drama`> e
[13:51] <drama`> i
[13:51] <Monkey> hint 2: if you tried typing it, you couldn't.
[13:51] <drama`> i dunno
[13:51] <drama`> Å
[13:51] <Monkey> hint 3: wtf are you doing trying to answer this question. if it's not in ascii you can't type it on your screen dipshit.
[13:51] <drama`> Å
[13:52] <drama`> Å
[13:52] <drama`> Å
[13:52] <Monkey> Am I alone here? The answer was Å.

Diaper's 15 minutes of fame
< diaper> Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you're a mile away (and you have their shoes).

World Hunger
[00:59] <Monkey> that would be real funny
[00:59] <Monkey> if the cure for world hunger was bukkake

Dry Ice wants me!
[02:17] <Monkey> you are the best at licking me balls
[02:17] <DryIce1> no, im not
[02:17] <DryIce1> thats one thing i might be doing at work

Dry Ice is a rich motherfucker, now you know why
[00:44] <drama> u hear about dryices pond being emptied by FBI
[00:44] <Evade> hmm
[00:44] <drama> looking for ANthrax?
[00:44] <Monkey> liar
[00:44] <Monkey> hahaa
[00:44] <Evade> you know how its sometimes hard to understand
[00:44] <drama> seriously
[00:44] <Evade> dryice
[00:44] <drama> that was in maryland
[00:44] <Evade> and what hes talking about
[00:45] <Evade> thats because we don't speak faggot
[00:45] <Monkey> so uh
[00:45] <Monkey> you mean to say
[00:45] <Monkey> the chesapeake bay was drained
[00:45] <Monkey> to look for anthrax

Yeah... okay
[03:20] <DryIce> OK SHOWER TIME

HAHAHA hypocrite
[17:21] <seven> that's pretty pathetic
[17:21] <seven> i'm going to go watch full house

Dry Ice - spitting image of his mother
[01:07] <DryIce> but, i got all my moms traits
[01:07] <DryIce> wavy hair
[01:07] <Evade> ample breasts
[01:07] <DryIce> dark dark brown hair
[01:07] <DryIce> haha
[01:07] <DryIce> fuck you

Silence, silence
[5:28pm] Joins: d3m|silence (d3m_silenc@Dyscrepency.on.EnterTheGame.Com) [6 users]
[5:30pm] <d3m|silence> that intro sucks
[5:30pm] <d3m|silence> u wasted ur time making that piece of shit?
[5:30pm] <d3m|silence> bleh... hope ur effort tonight is better than that intro
[5:30pm] <d3m|silence> peace
[5:30pm] Parts: d3m|silence (d3m_silenc@Dyscrepency.on.EnterTheGame.Com) [5 users]
<right before we beat their asses in our first cql match>

West beat-down
[01:28] <CQL-B0t> qw blows
[01:28] <CQL-B0t> i was asked to run a league for qw
[01:28] <CQL-B0t> :/
[01:29] <[iov]KennyRogers> are they stupid?
[01:29] <[iov]KennyRogers> if i was u
[01:29] <Grafh> I try to tell people about cql and ca but they dont even respond
[01:29] <[iov]KennyRogers> id be like "i cant run to the end of my driveway, what makes you think i can run a league"

Rap and homosexuality
[00:50] <Evade> everytime i hear some playing rap
[00:50] <Evade> i think they are fags
[00:50] <Evade> so
[00:50] <Evade> it evens out
[00:50] <Evade> in fact
[00:50] <Evade> most people that would think you are a fag
[00:50] <Evade> are fags themselves
[00:51] <Evade> and for a fag to think you are fag in a derogatory manner
[00:51] <Evade> is straight

[21:41] <Plested> dryice is dumb zender
[21:41] <Plested> dont talk to him
[21:42] <Plested> unless its about something dumb
[21:42] <DryIce> me dum
[21:42] <DryIce> b
[22:45] <cAd_Bludshed> haha
[22:45] <cAd_Bludshed> here u go derek
[22:45] *** Joins: bludshed
[22:45] *** ChanServ sets mode: +v bludshed
[22:47] <DryIce> ?>
[22:47] <DryIce> where do i go

Another West beatdown
[01:51] <decatur`afkk> west says he has a gf
[01:51] <decatur`afkk> like lies
[01:51] <W3st|31> my pc comes
[01:51] <DryIce1> hehehhe
[01:51] <W3st|31> with a webcam
[01:51] <W3st|31> ill show u
[01:51] <Monkey> yeah
[01:52] <DryIce1> stalked
[01:52] <DryIce1> stalker
[01:52] <Monkey> hopefully your pc comes with a wig and makeup too
[01:52] <DryIce1> lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Zender knows what the ladies want!
[21:37] <Zender`> can i get my @
[21:37] <Zender`> because im not sex appeal enough without my @
[21:37] *** Evade sets mode: +o Zender`
[21:38] <Zender`> i got my sex appeal back
[21:38] <Zender`> now i can go get laid...
[21:38] <Zender`> hey skillet...
[21:38] <Zender`> need a rimjob :-o

Silence enters the Bizarro world...
[21:42] <d3m|silence> i suggest a few rounds of practice on your beloved q1edge
[21:42] *** Parts: d3m|silence
[21:42] <oifer> aww
[21:42] <oifer> he didn't stick around for a retort
[21:42] <oifer> considering all our members were either high or drunk :p
.......a few seconds later.......
[22:52] <Monkey> heh
[22:52] <Monkey> silence reminds me of supervillains in really stupid old 70s cartoons
[22:52] <Monkey> "i suggest you practice your beloved q1edge"
[22:52] <Monkey> its like saying
[22:53] <Monkey> "you're never going to see your precious princess again"
[22:53] <Monkey> hes just so evil...
[22:53] <Monkey> in a traditional, stupid way
[22:53] <`403|js> LOL

Reason for cheap Canadian Broadband
[02:00] <snoop2> $75 a month
[02:00] <snoop2> for the 3 mbit
[02:00] <snoop2> dsl is only $50
[02:04] <zero2--ntguru> wow, that's what you guys get for that much?
[02:04] <zero2--ntguru> I get 3mbps down/1.5mbps up, 35$ month, canadian...
[02:10] <snoop2> heh
[02:10] <snoop2> well
[02:10] <snoop2> the difference is they don't use broadband access as an incentive to keep citizens in the country
[02:13] <Evade> RPOFL

La gente española del mismo bizarro desea mis (evada) nalgas.
Now talking in
[9:04pm] <ErneX> cono
[9:04pm] <budu> lol
[9:04pm] budu sets mode: +v Evade
[9:04pm] <budu> evade mi culo
[9:04pm] * sv-zerapio|RENTS slaps Evade around a bit with a large trout
[9:06pm] ChanServ sets mode: +l 25
[9:06pm] <ErneX> esto es un discazo

Snoop is absolutely unparalleled in nerdbility
[23:34] <SND> I played quake for 9 hours yesterdya
[23:36] <SND> I played qtag
[23:36] <SND> for like 2 hours

Kingpin is good, for a rapper (he buns wit the bredrin)
[02:52] <Kingpin`> i dont claim being sicker, cuz the losers buried out back so i claim myself the victor, you the 1 that does shit trying to earn stripes, while your girl is back here running pipes, you faggot yanks cried when it was 9 eleven, but i said who gives a fuck and bun'd wit a bredrin

Yah, we're pretty good
[00:56] <SND> well, no biggy
[00:56] <SND> we've decided bizarro is a "friend of the dy clan"
[00:57] <SND> which means we don't consider you guys queers like most of the other ones
[00:57] <SND> ok, like ALL the other ones
[00:57] <Monkey> :)
[00:58] <Monkey> yeah
[00:58] <Monkey> well in a world full of shit... there is nothing you can do really... but in the bizarro world everything is cool

I know oifer... I know
[20:29] <oifer> oh monkey i need you so!
[20:30] <oifer> i long to feel your touch

The new breed of michael jackson impersonator.... Dry Ice
[23:07] <DryIce> oh baby
[23:07] <Monkey> i think evade may just want to not play it
[23:07] <Monkey> cuz he has a life or osmething
[23:08] <Monkey> and hard classes
[23:08] <DryIce> haha
[23:08] <DryIce> i have easy classes and a life
[23:08] <DryIce> but
[23:08] <Monkey> i dunno if he could handle 2 leagues
[23:08] <DryIce> i can usually be home
[23:08] <Monkey> yah
[23:08] <Monkey> its because your life ends at 9:30 when all the children in your area go to bed

Monkey explains his philosophy on leaked betas (do not pirate leaked betas!!!)
[01:07] <BizaMonkey> i dont get betas
[01:07] <BizaMonkey> anymore
[01:07] <BizaMonkey> the fact that you got the hl2 beta
[01:07] <BizaMonkey> is major gay
[01:07] <SND-DY-> uhh
[01:07] <SND-DY-> gay for who
[01:08] <BizaMonkey> for valve dude
[01:08] <SND-DY-> so was doom3
[01:08] <SND-DY-> wtf
[01:08] <SND-DY-> same thing
[01:08] <BizaMonkey> um
[01:08] <BizaMonkey> i told you
[01:08] <BizaMonkey> i dont get beta
[01:08] <BizaMonkey> ANYMORE
[01:08] <SND-DY-> heheh
[01:08] <SND-DY-> why not
[01:08] <BizaMonkey> read between the lines
[01:08] <BizaMonkey> motherfucker
[01:08] <BizaMonkey> because i respect game companies
[01:08] <SND-DY-> haah
[01:08] <SND-DY-> so?
[01:08] <BizaMonkey> even though i dont buy their games
[01:08] <SND-DY-> heh
[01:08] <BizaMonkey> i at least wait for them to be released before i pirate

Rook is strange
[23:25] * r00k is now known as madc0w
[23:25] <madc0w> fuckn farmewr shunofabithengodamnshitmother fucknknse@WDFW#$WDF <-- moo!
[23:25] <SND-DY-> okay, who let the cow loose?
[23:26] <madc0w> lol
[23:38] * Parts: madc0w

Dry Ice once again proves he's gay
[17:47] <BizaMonkey> suck it
[17:47] <DryIce`> not now
[17:49] <BizaMonkey> later? youuu
[17:49] <BizaMonkey> gayyyy
[17:49] <BizaMonkey> fuckerrrrrr

I'm speechless
[21:55] <d3m|silence> ... k i see quake hasn't grown up
[21:55] <d3m|silence> i'm outtie

HAHAHA, you're loopholed bioitch
[18:02] <Evade> oh gay monkey made a lists update
[18:03] <Evade> and he sneaked around the rule about not adding ourselves to a list
[18:03] <Evade> by making a list about me
[18:03] <Evade> which in fact does not add me to the list
[18:03] <Evade> gay
[18:05] <Evade> GOD DAMMIT

HOT! Reasons why Dry Ice AND Oifer are gay: Reason number 1:
... the truth comes out when you're drunk
[01:22] <DryIce> me and oifer
[01:22] <DryIce> are cranking
[01:22] <DryIce> britnet spears
.... later he sings lyrics
[01:23] <DryIce> i dont get it
[01:23] <DryIce> =(
[01:24] <DryIce> YOUR TOXIC TOUNGE
[01:24] <DryIce> SLIPPIN OVER
.... later again
[01:25] <DryIce> im listening to
[01:25] <DryIce> britnet spears
[01:25] <DryIce> and
[01:25] <DryIce> oifer is listening to
[01:25] <DryIce> linkin opark


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