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Here is all the cool stuff we don't have anywhere else to put!!

Bizarro Quake (A.K.A. Drama's Acid Quake) - See the oddities of Drama's computer unfold. What the hell happened? His computer must be BIZARRO!! See the screenshots HERE.

BIZARROSTORRO - The HUGEST project Bizarro has yet done! This was released on the 1st anniversary of Bizarro! There are 43 items to choose from (now 44), every one with a unique description and pictures! Go to the BizarroStorro.

Evade's Crazy Flash Movies - These are Evade's first ever Flash movies, and they are pretty amateur, but that's the best part! They are 3 African myths with narration! Wiggle my African.

Part 1 - African creation myth
Part 2 - Fallen seed story
Part 3 - Death and the underworld (ends abruptly at the altar scene, the rest was in a pee-pee presentation).

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Video project done by Evade and two friends slightly less than a year ago about the popular Stephen Covey book. The video is about 70 megs in divx format and runs for 17 minutes and 43 seconds. Watch out for boringness when the scene with president bush comes on.

Download here - 7habits-compressed.avi

Misc pictures of Evade's junk - Just some pictures I took when i had a digital camera available (or scanned pics).

February 02, 2004 set.
Random Pics.

Dry Ice's Rictor Flash Movies - Dry Ice made these several years ago when Rictor still played Quake. Nobody has heard from him for years, but he will be forever laughed at through these clever and yet stupid Flash movies. If you haven't seen them in a while, check them out now!

Rictor Movies Page
Full Version of Rictor talking about his modem - includes a mention of Evade at the very end.

Race Car YaYa's - Very crapilly put together project Evade did to the tune of the Cake Song by same name. Video file in Divx format and runs for about 1 minute and 30 seconds.


MonkeyMark 2004 - Wanna benchmark your system with incredible eye-popping accuracy? Get MonkeyMark 2004, a free console program for benchmarking your CPU, from the world famous benchmark programmer Monkey. Beat out your friends!

MonkeyMark 2004 Version 1.0


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