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Here you will find lists of various things, for example, "gayest people of all time." All of the people lists include real quotes from the people themselves (hence some may not have quotes yet). As a rule, Evade and I do not add ourselves to the lists, AND we do not interfere with each other's lists.

Faglist / In order of gayness / By Monkey & Evade
1. Silence - "that intro sucks, u wasted ur time making that piece of shit?"
2. Kingpin - "Evade, u know that you suck right?"
3. Kingpin - "that faggot evade doesnt belong in here"
4. Shortlink - "rap takes more talent then any other type of music"
5. Dry Ice - "i took my dad into the backroom"
6. Dry Ice - "and my one friend who is moving in with me is also fairly rich"
7. Dry Ice - "linkin park isnt that bad"
9. Chipy - "newbie shit"
11. Pharcyde - "puddle of mudd is > nirvana" "dude they were discovered by fred durst, of course they are gonna rock the casbah" "gotta get up early tomorrow to watch remeo and juliet"

Straightlist / In order of straightness / By Monkey & Evade
1. SnoopDogg (SND) - "we've decided bizarro is a "friend of the dy clan" ... which means we don't consider you guys queers like most of the other ones ... ok, like ALL the other ones"
2. Idget - "so you guys play the fuck out of some quake, thats awsome"
3. Oifer - "if i saw silence in a coffee shop, i would sweep kick him then crap in his eye"
4. Pharcyde - "FACT: quake 1 rocket launcher is the best fps weapon ever"

Approved Rap Song List / In order of discovery / By Evade & Monkey
1. Digital Underground - Humpty Dance
2. Skee-lo - I wish
3. Sagat - Fuk Dat
4. Shaggy - Boombastic
5. MC Hammer - Can't Touch This
6. Ol' Dirty Bastard - Got Your Monkey (Money -ed.)
7. LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out
8. Blackalicious - Alphabet Aerobics

Gay Movie Watcher List / In order of gayness of movies / By Evade
1. Plested - [6:27pm] <phire|sq> i got blade2, pirates of carribean, hulk, matrix2, bad boys

Things Evade Thinks Suck, But Which Are Actually Cool / In order of discovery / By Monkey
1. Blade 2 (see above)
2. Alizee (hottest woman alive)
3. Anal porn videos (female ass ONLY)

Monkey's Favorite Albums / In no particular order (only one album per artist permitted) / By Monkey
•Weezer - Pinkerton (1996)
•Foo Fighters - Foo Fighters (1995)
•Pearl Jam - Vs. (1993)
•Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger (1991)
•Megadeth - Countdown To Extinction (1992)
•Alice In Chains - Dirt (1992)
•Björk - Homogenic (1997)
•David Bowie - Reality (2003)
•Sponge - Rotting Pinãta (1994)
•Toadies - Hell Below/Stars Above (2001)

Things The Whole World Seems To Think Are Cool, But Which Are Actually Gay / In order of gayness (with reasons) / By Monkey
1. Homosexuality: Tied with rap and corporate music, justifiably. Gay people are alright and stuff, but promoting gay marriage and gayness, and being gay itself is just gay.
1. Rap: This includes "hip-hop." Basically the same thing as homosexuality.
1. Corporate Music: This includes any talentless, corporate entities such as britney spears, justin timberlake, or 98 degrees (none of which deserve capitalization). Basically the same thing as rap & homosexuality.
2. Reality Television: No explanation is really required here, but hot babes eating beetles is not my idea of entertainment, nor is a fat man sitting on wedding cakes, or women fighting over a man for money he doesn't have. Teletubbies is preferrable to this.
3. Promiscuous sex: Here's my theory on promiscuous sex: Fucking lots of people inevitably leads to threesomes which leads to double penetration which leads to item #1 on this list (take your pick). Besides, who wants sloppy seconds, or sloppy 356ths for that matter, and the STD's that go with it.
4. Children: I don't want fucking children! They bang on my ceiling and wake me up in the morning, they require maintenance, they are mischevious, and above all they usually destroy their mother's good looks upon inception. There is absolutely NOTHING good about these little brats, and yet humanity HAS to deal with them in order to survive another generation. Total skank shit.
5. Assholes who use aliases in games ALL THE TIME making iplogs uselesss or who use an alias until they win A SINGLE GAME and then switch to their faggoty real name as if to say "look, it was me all along who won one fucking game.": People who do this kind of shit are assholes. The only reason to use an alias is to either 1) piss people off, 2) talk shit without being caught or 3) hide your identity while you suck. This is stupid because 1) pissing people off is fucking pussy shit, 2) talking shit on the internet is analogous to eating shit in real life since it does no good except to make you look like a bigger prick and nerd and skank, and 3) because you will always truly suck ass. Don't use fake names asshole, it is not cool, it is GAY.

GREAT Quotes / In no particular order / By Monkey
•"I know a lot of women who use men, but the world is not perfect. Fifty years ago there was Hitler; now there are bitches everywhere." --Julie Delpy, greatest woman ever

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