Re: Important info regarding XL finals

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Posted by D-Anon on February 27, 1999 at 06:07:21:

In Reply to: Re: Important info regarding XL finals posted by Golden on February 26, 1999 at 15:47:54:

golden your commitment is commendable, however I nor most of DI would nvr spend that kinda cash for a mplayer quake tourney, i mean this ain't exactly PGL.
: are u telling me that u guys gonna forfeit the match? :( The schedule for this week stays cuz its the midterms next week for most colleges and spring break after that. we all got plans, unexpected accidents (my power ac for computer blew up yesterday, i had no time to order it through online cuz the playoffs are this weekend. i had to get ripped off paying 130 bux in nyc) learn to deal with them. life is shitty but when u take it as seriously as it comes u don't need to be a chicken and back out. btw someone ask me about my financial status.. u would be surprised that 130 bux means alot to me but i don't wanna let down my clan and had to make the decision to spend it.

: -eric

: -eric

: : I will also add that i will not be there, maelstrom doesn't have a suitable net connection, skuh wont be there, roadhouse wont as well, and i dont know about the rest of the clan.

: : : Well, can you let maelstrom know:
: : : Unfortunately, our players have already backed out of arrangements for this weekend, and not all of us would be able to attend next week. We only have 6 lpbs. You guys have many many more:
: : : Skuhravy
: : : Beam
: : : Deebo
: : : Maelstrom
: : : Edge
: : : Tru
: : : Falcon
: : : Defiler
: : : Roadhouse
: : : (Medic and Slash cant play... but you guys have 10 players)
: : : and theres prolly more players that I simply cant remember off the top of my head.
: : : You guys have enough players to play, and if you cant play competitively with those players then why are they in the clan?
: : : Cya Saturday at 9

: : : --cheez

: : : P.S. Anyone else get the feeling that this will be there excuse if they happen to lose? Figures....
: : : : Due to the fact Maelstrom has been banned from this board, he has asked me to post this for him.

: : : : DI would like to inform LOA that there are circumstances which make
: : : : it impossible to perform competitively this coming Saturday. One of
: : : : our key players, DI-Slash, recently broke his hand in a bicycling
: : : : accident. Because of this, and the lack of players DI has under their
: : : : belt, we would certainly appreciate it if you could reschedule until
: : : : next Saturday so we can regroup and find a suitable replacement (already in the DI roster, of course) so that both DI and LOA can play at their
: : : : best. Thank you for your consideration.

: : : : - m a e l s t r o m

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