Re: Important info regarding XL finals

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Posted by Di-Anon on February 27, 1999 at 20:04:09:

In Reply to: Re: Important info regarding XL finals posted by Billydog on February 27, 1999 at 16:02:19:

billy you seem to be missing the point. No one will lag on NET, NO ONE. Now answer me as a repectable quake player. If u had a choice would u not prefer to play on net? Is clanring not 200% better than mplayer for gameplay. A simple yes or no will do. You do spike, but on net you would spike less, so would u not prefer net? If you want to stick will the legal babble of MPLAYER TOURNEY ON MPLAYER, then just say it's could of that. But face it everyone does better on net. And my instincts tell me DI's lag improvement would be very good and be more competative, thats why Xena doesn't want to play there. afterall you've seen MlQ matches 10players all under 70 ping. thats a fair game, mplayer is 8 lpbs and 3 or 4 don't even ping under 150.

: umm its ok for me to play on mplayer with a terrible connection on net and on mplayer but its not ok for other ppl?
: ya i whine alot but im a big baby .. im lpb ive played matches for open with over 300 ping ok? in the beginning of the season i used
: to drop over 2500 pl each game but i still played then later in the season i was hpb , over 300 each game then i had a connection 100 ping steady
: no pl now i get 100 ping and i spike to 400 every couple of seconds, i still played so .. neato my connection is leet

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