Re: You guys have GOT to be kidding me.

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Posted by RipTide-69 aka. Elm0 on March 01, 1999 at 15:28:52:

In Reply to: You guys have GOT to be kidding me. posted by QWL Monkey on February 28, 1999 at 23:53:09:

have some dang respect for yourself monkey gezzzz
no one is on your side here and well....i see why
evade doesnt even support you....i mean you sound
like a little kid saying "I lost?!?!?.....I cant lose!!
cuz im me!!" admit to defeat......geez

: when i try to tell you kilarmy cheated, you #@$!@#
: try to act like you dont know whatim talking about,
: and you apply it to a completely different game,
: in that chat visionz says the mma game, and you guys
: are talking like visionz meant the qwl game, well i
: KNOW kilarmy played the mma game, visionz states it
: in the chat. you guys deliberately made it look like
: i was out of my mind by saying kilarmy played in the
: loa vs qwl game.

: the following are facts, no exceptions:

: qwl won the first xl modem, loa vs qwl match, both
: teams had all starters playing and qwl's players
: genrally didnt have lag

: qwl won the first match of the finals with 4 players
: who could all play, but lost the second 2 with only 3
: usable players

: loa hasnt won any unofficial matches against us except
: lpb vs hpb

: moon complains aobut lag often and is supposedly on
: a t1, and i note has pinged 150 before with it, yet
: you laugh saying thistle cant ping 150 on a t1,
: something i didnt even say at all...

: you laugh when i tell you that loa has control over
: the mxl, yet you wee in all 3 finals and did anything
: you wanted ot get there. and of course youll deny
: that too, but i have no doubt that its true.
: plus, noone i know has any respect for you but anything
: you say goes, and people like sirex refuse to let
: anything go about things youve done, at least ot my
: knowledge

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