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Posted by Pertz[HX] on March 01, 1999 at 04:25:05:

H2L Here are 10 suggestions for next season, numbered for her pleasure ;)

1. Instead of the sloppy "give somebody 3 maps, co-divide the numerator of the dependant claus and divide by pi to decide what map to play" thing, we could simply have a weekly map rotation (this would also add some variety, and give BOTH teams a chance to practise the map they are playing well in advance.
Suggested Maps:


This makes life simpler and adds variety to TF (which is sorely needed).

2. In any game with 14 people or less, an observer, (mutually agreed on by both leaders) should be present.

3. Enforcment of no MM1 except for leaders (in game the observer could simply say "HX-Boots, Please refrain from MM1" (observers can only see MM1, so the observer should only ever see things from the 2 leaders). After warning is given, any further MM1 from warned person will result in a penalty of 1 cap per line of MM1.

4. Room password is agreed upon ASAP by leaders, and it's the leaders' job to inform the members what it is. If the leaders aren't on or something together before hand, try to do a telegram pass, or we just do it the way we do it now.

5. No game password.

6. No mic usage except for the 2 leaders and (if there is one) the observer. A warning would be issued out, and after the warning if the person continues to use the mic, a 1 cap penalty per usage of mic would be issued.

7. Leaders would have a page open between themselves (I dunno if they already do this... I'm just a grunt :] ) This would help the problem of 14 people typing at the same time.

8. Moderator of a room is the leader of the clan which is going to be blue. (I know color on maps except 2fort4 is arbitrary).

9. Even if the game is 8 on 8, a "room observer" would be present (mutally agreed on by leaders) and would report any abusive language (as per Mplayer user agreement) which occurs in the room (either before or after the match)

10. All you mofos with any skillz hafta join TFS ;)

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