um, well if anyone really wants to read it, heres my say

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Posted by fanman on March 01, 1999 at 01:59:59:

yes mystery laged out the 2nd game
but, even though i havent watched the demo lately
he was in the game for at least 12 to 15 minutes
and even in the 3on4, in the 3rd game, we had a chance to win, you guys just over powered us, and we believe that if our back up was able to log on (evade) that the game would of been closer, but evade wasnt allowed to log on,
but its done with, i really dont feel like dragging it out
i just wanted ppl to understand that this was the championship game
we knwe about it for a week
and loa didnt have 4 on?? wtf??
so i was pretty pissed off
but since i wanted to play teh dang game, i talked to cheezy, we were both being pretty cool about it, and they ended up having about 40 minutes to get there ppl on. And even though we SAID we were goign to start teh game 3on4 without tool... did we? no, we waited for mplayer to let him on.

and we did have 4 clicked in for the 3rd just laged out in 30 seconds, and he did make an effort to come back on, when he got into the game his ping was still 5,000. And evade who was reconnecting, and was our back up, was unable to get on mplayer to acutally BE the back up that we needed in that 3rd game to win or at least have a chance, because for the first part of the game we were winning it 3on4, but it didnt stay like that.

oh well
i would of stated my opinions in the other posts on here, but i just now read all of this crap

PS ( lol about the 2on1, i was under my sisters name, and yes cheezy you were lpb, and boy, you were mad as hell afterwards,calling me a little female dog, and all kinds of stuff. that was so funny, theres no way i could do that now, but you have to admit, it was funny,
i think that since then, you have learned a crapload more about the game, and with your ping you started owning, because your quite a bit better than me now.
its just a good example of how a ping can help a player develop so much. hehe after the game longshot challenged me to a 1on1 in macarena. i beat em =)
heh good stuff.

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