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Posted by cheez on March 01, 1999 at 00:48:20:

In Reply to: Re: OK MY LAST POST ON THIS :) posted by QBA JasTeR on February 28, 1999 at 23:48:02:

umm golden isnt really that new check the date on his account
just cuz u havent seen him play qball doesnt mean he is a ringer
we just brought out our best players to win
not new ones
just the best ones

: : : NO way tool....Ridge account was made weeks before the final. Don't even say u have a reason to assume such a thing. Try asking us 1st before talking like Zelda and Kilarmy.

: : OK. This is what i see. maybe there's a mplayer bug displaying the wrong dates but this is what it says:

: : QBA Ridge: member since 2/26/99
: : QBA Shadow: member since 2/24/99
: : QBA-ABQ: member since 2/26/99

: : so i guess that means these accounts were made 2 days or 4 days before the finals match.
: : maybe they were old members that wanted new names for this week. i don't know, don't really care.
: : just thought it looked kinda strange. :P

: : and I did ask who shadow was. he said he was QBA Thief. i'm good friends
: : with Thief and he's somewhere in the midatlantic in the military. maybe he
: : found a computer there and decided to play quake. i guess it's possible. :P

: Did I play tha "New" Guys??...I think not I have already explained why
: we have been getting ppl who want to join QBA nonstop since we won , or I'm sorry since
: we got 1st place in Mxl Ladder , but only ABQ played cause Mac had
: warned me that LOA will play their lowest pingers just to win. He wanted all our LPBs to play
: , but I don't work like that...that's why I always try to have an "Original" member play in all matches
: , we lose some & we win some , but at least it's still "QBA" , and that's all that matters to me , Hell I
: could just sit & watch new ppl come in my clan & take over , but then it would no longer be "QBA" , and I
: can't have that.

: JasTeR-The-Finished-With-This-Topic

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