Re: You guys have GOT to be kidding me.

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Posted by cheez on March 01, 1999 at 00:02:51:

In Reply to: You guys have GOT to be kidding me. posted by QWL Monkey on February 28, 1999 at 23:53:09:

rubberband took care of that as dispute commisioner and that was loa vs mma
really has nothing to do with qwl match
he did not participate in the modem finals
lineup was : Thistle Mystery Tool and Linux
no kil
evade was only one with high ping second game
and as we asked repeatedly to reschedule since mplayer was repeatedly crashing
if u want to play there then u have to deal with it
yah we have SOOOO much power
trev is qball admin and he wasnt loa till halfway thru season
and xena didnt become head ref until recently
they decide nothin in modem matches
we havent played you unofficially hpb vs hpb and even if we had i dont see how that matters
you lost... you can be on your way now

: when i try to tell you kilarmy cheated, you #@$!@#
: try to act like you dont know whatim talking about,
: and you apply it to a completely different game,
: in that chat visionz says the mma game, and you guys
: are talking like visionz meant the qwl game, well i
: KNOW kilarmy played the mma game, visionz states it
: in the chat. you guys deliberately made it look like
: i was out of my mind by saying kilarmy played in the
: loa vs qwl game.

: the following are facts, no exceptions:

: qwl won the first xl modem, loa vs qwl match, both
: teams had all starters playing and qwl's players
: genrally didnt have lag

: qwl won the first match of the finals with 4 players
: who could all play, but lost the second 2 with only 3
: usable players

: loa hasnt won any unofficial matches against us except
: lpb vs hpb

: moon complains aobut lag often and is supposedly on
: a t1, and i note has pinged 150 before with it, yet
: you laugh saying thistle cant ping 150 on a t1,
: something i didnt even say at all...

: you laugh when i tell you that loa has control over
: the mxl, yet you wee in all 3 finals and did anything
: you wanted ot get there. and of course youll deny
: that too, but i have no doubt that its true.
: plus, noone i know has any respect for you but anything
: you say goes, and people like sirex refuse to let
: anything go about things youve done, at least ot my
: knowledge

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