oh, is that so moon?

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Posted by QWL Monkey on February 28, 1999 at 23:33:44:

ok, well if your thinking your team doesnt cheat,
someone sent this to me (he will go unnamed), and
if you wnat ,you can ask both of these people if
they said what they said. and sorry if you didnt
want me to put it up, but i now find it neccisary
to do so.

Sat Feb 27 23:20:02
V1sionz: hey
QWL Dry Ice: hi
V1sionz: i dunno about sirex anymore
V1sionz: honestly
QWL Dry Ice: why you say that
QWL Dry Ice: ?
V1sionz: when mma and loa played
V1sionz: he caught loa with illegal pak
V1sionz: and said nothing
QWL Dry Ice: wtf
V1sionz: i send the ss in
V1sionz: and nothing happened
QWL Dry Ice: was it the one
QWL Dry Ice: on the board?
V1sionz: that is main reason why loa didnt wnat me to be dispute commissioner
V1sionz: no
V1sionz: this was a legitamite one
QWL Dry Ice: ah
QWL Dry Ice: who used it
QWL Dry Ice: ?
V1sionz: wasnt even posted
V1sionz: on board
QWL Dry Ice: thats fucked up
V1sionz: kilarmy used it
QWL Dry Ice: wtf
QWL Dry Ice: no way
V1sionz: ya
QWL Dry Ice: was it bar pak?
V1sionz: no
QWL Dry Ice: glow?
QWL Dry Ice: or what kind
V1sionz: it was naked dm with the red dot
QWL Dry Ice: omfg
V1sionz: makes people visible
V1sionz: and puts dot on rl packs
QWL Dry Ice: thats gay
V1sionz: its an old school cheat
QWL Dry Ice: ive never seen that one
V1sionz: but what bothers me is that sirex turned his back
QWL Dry Ice: yeah
QWL Dry Ice: he should of said something
V1sionz: it is a real old pak
V1sionz: most of the time that pak comes with the straight shaft in it
V1sionz: i said something tho
V1sionz: but nothing happened
QWL Dry Ice: wierd
V1sionz: i was just ignored

excerpt from their chat

now if thats not a cheat, i dont know what is....
i never said pure was good at dm3, actually
i dont even know him, all i know is that the statement
is entirely true

and xena, i didnt direct any of that stuff about
ringers towards you, now did i? and i know you never
said anything aobut the g2x game, but you did tell us
that we get no respect by doing this, well do you
think i dont know that? this was our last season as a
clan anyhow as far as i know, and personally i could
care less what we say now

all i know is that you ugys cheated us out of a win..
next time try winning for real

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