Re: Cheezy the liar! What have we got here.

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Posted by cheez on February 28, 1999 at 23:27:47:

In Reply to: Re: Cheezy the liar! What have we got here. posted by cheez on February 28, 1999 at 23:26:45:

sorry xena
me shutup now...

: : well cheezy, AND xena, your both giving me and the rest
: : of qwl a bunch of bs.

: oh yah u got it right monkey

: : the game we played against g2x wasnt 4 on 2, it
: : was 4 on 3 because we let their 120 pinger play for
: : them, and evne so a 4th g2x cant give them 60 frags

: hey monkey guess what i was the ref
: 2 g2x pinged 146/.. want the log? Zipman lagged out of the game on 3 separate occasions

: : LOA doesnt have any respect, you just think you do
: : (no i never said we are well respected either,so dont
: : push that back in my face like evrything else)

: I have never said loa had any respect of anyone.

: : you guys turned di down 4 days before the match, and
: : tried o reschedule 25 mins before ours, and you expect
: : us to let it happen, NO WAY. i also recall 3 or 4
: : people going on net servers and mirc looking for you
: : trying ot find ringers to play for your hpb's, because
: : its only you who would sink so low

: No, I told you what happened. And again, if we had any 4 players we would have played. DI had 4 and we had no choice about rescheduling it was not possible. I simply asked.

: As far as ringers... ROFL.... omg man... hahahahahhahhahahaha.... dude i asked who QWL Shadow was and i said "hey if I wanted to I could go get some hpbs from Co to play..." the next thing i said was j/k
: god man cant u take a joke?
: I didnt know who shadow was so i was just screwing around...

: : qwl had never used any ringers, or cheated in any way
: : unless in our own rooms with no outsiders, unlike
: : you, who actually threated us with ringers once or
: : twice, and who about 5000 people claim has used a pak2
: : or bot one time or another, along with the rest of
: : LOA

: LOL... so cuz i get accused im a cheater? ROFL

: : i dont remember anyting about mystery respawning as
: : a ghost, but in the second game evade was lagged
: : out for most of the game and you guys killed him
: : about 20 times

: hahahahah go watch the demo

: : oh, and dont forget people, loa will try to push down
: : anything true or false that puts them in a bad
: : position, no matter if theyre right or wrong, and
: : cheezy and xena come up with lies and lame excuses
: : just to direct the attention away from our true
: : comments.

: yah we lie so much we are just plain evil
: beware we will steal your children and make them devout to satan!

: : for example, everything ive said about fanman beating
: : cheezy and longshot 2 on 1 is TRUE to my knowledge,
: : no falsities there. and ive also confirmed that loa
: : used pure as a ringer in the mhl, and ive heard things
: : from numerous sources that loa uses ringers even today.

: i didnt dispute that he beat us 2 on 1
: just said i was hpb when i played and it was almost a year ago so i could care less
: we have always been hated so things have always been said about us that were untrue

: pure JOINED loa for a short time because billy wanted him in... he didnt play in any matches

: : anyhow, i dont see how any of the stuff weve discussed
: : gives loa respect, so how is it so xena? oh, wait i
: : forgot that your trying to block out everything weve
: : said by stopping loa from responding

: we dont ask for your respect... dear god why would we ever want it from someone like you?
: Monkey.... someone has either fed you your daily helping of crap or you are just extremely ignorant.
: Brain Violation on monkey. Blows whistle. Slams forehead. Holds up 5 fingers. That will be 5 points of your iq for a serious violation of brain usage.

: Drkside... im makin this post quick and kinda annoyed so if i swore or in any previous posts... im realllyyyy sorry and it wasnt intentional... just dont like being attacked so gheyly.
: --cheez
: p.s. xena dont be mad cuz i replied... i had to... the devil told me to

: :

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