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Posted by cheez on February 28, 1999 at 22:54:41:

In Reply to: Re: Hmmm.... posted by Evade on February 28, 1999 at 22:50:24:

mystery was lagged out 5 minutes into the game but there was a ghost so it kept spawning and u guys promptly killed that ghost
safire didnt even try to get back on
mystery is safire's brother... and mystery said that he didnt care and went and watched tv
the rules are :
game must start iwth 4v4
when we said mp was having probs and wanted to reschedule QWL wouldnt allow that
so when the conditions are less than perfect for you
remember QWL wanted to play.... not us

: : ok lets see:
: : first game is 4v4 you win by 14
: : second game is 4v4 we have a player lagout and still win
: : third game is 4v4 you have a player lagout and we win
: : its how the ball bounces
: : nothing to do with cheap win
: : if it had happened to us we would not dispute it
: : you of all people should know this dry ice... you were the one that actually was willing to reschedule just so everyone could play
: : but that was not acceptable
: : we asked u to wait to another nite before the 3rd game even started
: : you REFUSED... then after you know mplayers condition and u play regardless, you get upset when a player of yours lags out
: : you dug your own grave

: : : "i think its really lame that you would try to get a cheap win like this"
: : : Well uhh dont you think you got that kinda backwards? I dont think it was us who got the "cheap win". Heh thats all i gotta say
: : : -Dry Ice

: um, 3rd game wasnt 4v4, from what i heard (i wasnt there and havent seen demo) our 4th man was lagged out with in a minute of in the game. where in the second yours wasnt till far into. Also in second you were able to have another player come in. We were not able to bring in a 4th player since mplayer owns me.

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