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Posted by cheez on February 28, 1999 at 15:46:05:

In Reply to: Re: My 50 cents posted by QBA JasTeR on February 28, 1999 at 08:53:48:

want to know why he played?
i doubt it was coincidence that after mackalot called xena a liar and gave gay times in the first place, that the next day he asks me if he could play qball, i doubt that was a coincidence....
if he didnt play ghost would have
and as far as saying owned... when we went to necro
qba mega spammed "mega owns u" about 200 times
then came outta the game and said "i own you loa"
golden is one of our "ball" guys

: 1st off I'd like to say GG to LOA , it was very exciting , now I would
: like to address tha manner that we were faced with coming out of tha as to not knock all of LOA
: I'll say his name "Ghost" , now I don't want to start another "squable" and get LOA all riled up ,
: but I was less than impressed with how "Ghost" was sayin we got "Owned" and was talking down to us very
: insultingly. I know alot of that can't be proven because he obviously only uses "Mic" to verbally abuse
: ppl , but like I said he was really only one that was less than "Honorable" , but I digress. Now I would
: like to address the match itself , I noticed that "Golden" was in the match (one whom I've never seen in a "Qball" game)
: and as we all know he is a Spectacular DMer (with a very nice ping) , he was one Insaine Killin Machine
: and was a huge part to the outcome of the match. I just wanted to let you know we could of done same thing , had our
: LPB DMers
play and kill everything in site , but I being Leader decided that if we let our "New" PPL play we
: would of been accused of having "Ringers" even more than we already are. I myself played being a "Qballer" and being
: with QBA since tha begining , I wasn't goin to let ppl fight my battle for me/my clan (a clan that i helped start) , knowing full well
: that if i had let our LPBs play we would of had a better chance. The way I look at it is , why be a Leader , and not be willing
: to go into battle with the troops. Plus I just thought that would be kind of Sucky to put certain ppl in just to win , but that's just me.
: Oh & we would love to play your clan again sometime just my "Qball" guys against your "Qball" guys...I think it would be fun ,
: and I wouldn't have to see Golden every two secounds...hehehe.

: JasTeR-QBA-Leader
: GG Again...Think I'll start a campain to keep Qball "Golden" Free...hehehe...j/k
: Damn He's Good!!

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