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Posted by Evade on February 28, 1999 at 13:21:39:

In Reply to: Re: The QWL Match and the DI Match posted by cheez on February 27, 1999 at 18:31:46:

: I was mad last nite... Xena wasnt there so I had to try to not let LOA get screwed over and lost my cool.
: We didnt reschedule the QWL Match... merely postponed it 20 minutes.We played 2 games:
: first was 4v4 and we lost by 14
: second a member of our squad lagged out and we won by a very large margin.
: So yah medic QWL owns us.... whatever... think what u want medic i dont care.
: WE cant reschedule simply because there is no other day we can play. That makes us lame i guess. I have never tried to earn the respect of anyone on here on the net. Either you like me or you dont its never been a big deal to me. Was talking about LOA in general.. I dont want to go into how we have been tried to be screwed over (me using paks screenshots... dont see that happening to di..) and blah blah... I didnt want to say anything demeaning to you here since this is viewed by more than just me and you.
: Oh well... say what you want Im just gonna try to win all 3 divisoins regardless of if you think that that makes us lame. Theres always something. Cya at 9 Medic... amazing how u have 6 players on and u need to reschedule... simply amazing....
: --cheez

Cheezy, so if you had on tool, xena, mystery, linux, yourself, and kilarmy. that is 6 loa's, you wouldnt try to reschedule the match? You would be perfectly fine playing 4 of those 6 against di. You know if you couldn't get your main 4 on you would want a reschedule.

( I havent been into what is happening much between di and loa, so, correct me if im wrong on something)


: : : First of all Medic, unlike you I will not go to your level and try to bash you, I'll just try to state what happened.

: : HAHAHAHAHAH this coming from the guy who was calling me a f***** ass***** about oh....a zillion times last night. Quite trying to act like above it lamer.

: : : Last nite, at 10:00 only 2 LOA hpb members were logged on. They have known about this for a week so I dont know what happened. Anyways, at first I talked to Dry Ice and told him what our situation was. He said, that it would be no problem if we had to rescheduled since it was the championship. Then Fanman comes out of checking his ping and says no that he wont reschedule since he had to cancel plans. Ok thats their choice it was simply a request on my behalf.

: : you waited till the LAST MINUTE to ask for a reschedule unlike DI who gave you 4 days notice, god your stupid. And then to assume that after slamming us when WE asked for a resched that some other clan should extend the same courtesy to you?

: : :Then after that, I asked Fanman if we would wait 20 minutes. The match was scheduled for 10:00 and it is supposed to start 5 minutes after scheduled time. He granted me 15 minutes which brought the time up to 10:20. At 10:20 we had 4 hpbs logged on. And our referee was Sirex. He got booted so we had to wait for him. Then, no one could make a room with chat in it. Finally at around 10:40 the first game was launched when it was 4v4, and QWL won by 14 frags. The second match it was also 4v4, and mystery on our side lagged out. And xena had to go in, so WE were a man down for awhile but did not complain. Then the thrid match arrives, it starts out as 4v4, safire lags out, and we end up playing 4v3. The match started with 4 players on their side and it was a few minutes into the match. Their backup was not present, regardless of why. So we played the rest of the match out and won. It was not how I would have preferred to win the match but I was by no means willing to grant a replay of the third game because:

: : The reason you won't play them is because you have no intention of losing which is what would happen if you played QWL on even terms. You look for the easiest way to win. You claim to be interested in fairness which is crap and rather than be a respected clan you hide behind your good fortune. Your nothing but pretenders Cheese.

: : : 1) In the rules it states the game must start with 4 people for each side... if someone lags out that is not grounds for a rematch.
: : : 2) Before the match I asked Fanman if he would play 3v3 if that was all we had, and upon the advice of Medic, he said no he wouldnt do that.
: : : 3) If the same had happened to us we would not have been granted a rematch by qwl, and Ive never even heard of an instance where a clan has done that.

: : : Sirex the ref said there was no problems with the match at all and did not see any validity to their claims of a protest.

: : Then Sirex wasn't a good ref

: : :
: : : Medic came into the QWL room before the match and told them to make the match atsrt at 10, and play us with 4 people regardless. DI would know about that since that was how they played ST (4v2). Medic really had no interest here except to damage LOA. When I asked him why he said, "what goes around comes around." This would assume that we had tried to screw over DI.

: : Listen you idiot. ST FORFEIT the match I had 3 seperate ICQ's from ST-Jon, Jason, and Tony stating they had no intention of playing. Chris and showdown showing was more of a joke and since my entire clan showed up I decided to let them play. You damage yourselves Cheesy, your actions have nothing to do with pride or the desire to earn the respect of your fellow players. Could you possibly argue how not based on our regular season match and what happened to QWL last night? HELL NO but I'm sure you'll conceive some lame, banal diatribe on how LOA has always been fair and respected other clans. Sorry to say Cheese but you guys are not going to win the congeniality award any year soon.
: : : I dont know how many times I have to say this to make this completey clear.
: : : You guys have 4 players. That is a large difference between our predicament last nite. If Xena had been there, she is hpb and would have played. It wasnt about getting our 4 best it was about getting any 4 at all.
: : : You guys gave us the 3 times that you were available. We picked one, then 2 days before a time we agreed to and made plans based around you said that no you cant play then.
: : : And if we do play you that we are lame and its not a real win.
: : : Yah know, Ive kind of given up on LOA ever getting respect, everyone always wants to screw us over. Its no big deal. Im sure medic will reply to this and say something to the affect of how stupid I am, or to go get a life, or that im just completely wrong. Thats nice.

: : You are completely wrong, and if I treated others the way you folks do I would give up on respect too. HAHAHA Everyone is out to get you ROFL!!! PA LEASE. Hell maybe DI should just forfeit the match tonight since we know we can't get a fair shake with Xena picking the ref and the server going to the infamous #2 on the east coast that we all love so much. If we did it couldn't possibly make your victory on Mplayer any cheaper than it already would be...thats assuming you can beat a couple 500 pingers...I dunno you may have a 50/50 chance

: :
: : : Drky, I know disputes are not supposed to be brought here but I felt I had no choice.
: : : --cheez

: : Medic

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