Re: They are disputing Game3 wonderlich

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Posted by moon on February 27, 1999 at 17:37:38:

In Reply to: They are disputing Game3 wonderlich posted by Medic on February 27, 1999 at 17:01:15:

medic obviously u think qwl is better cause their
hpbs beat di 2 games in a row, qwl wouldnt lie would they?
i dont think they would either. Also, DI isnt even in open
why do u care what happens in modem. i dont, not one bit
Seems to me like u should be focusing on the match tonight...

: Actually I was there for game 1 till Mplayer booted me off and I couldn't log back in (of course). I have no reason to beleive that QWL would lie to me about what happened with their players. We all know who the better clan is anyhow....

: Medic

: : Medic, were you there? Sirex was there, and so was I... there were no complaints for the 2nd game, and I didn't hear any about the 3rd. Anyways to sum it up, unless you were playing, butt out of it.

: : Drk

: :
: : : : QWL took the first game, LOA took the second, and the third.. GG QWL Good Job LOA
: : : : --cheez

: : : Cheez what have a told you about saying GG after you know the other clan got screwed? Shame on you and where was your wonderful sportsmanship you champion so much when QWL had one member pinging 5000 and another that couldnt logon to Mplayer hmmm? haha what a joke.
: : : Not only that they (QWL) waited for your clanmmates to show up almost 30 minutes after the time the match was supposed to start. LOA once again owns.

: : : Medic

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